A number of times I see articles, which places or cities you should visit in Slovenia. Almost never they mention place or town from the eastern part of the country.

So here's my list of the ten small places and towns, which are worth to visit, but you probably heaven't heard of. :) All towns are located only a few tens of kilometres outside the city of Maribor, for which you've probably heard of. :)

1. Pernica

A small place, only a few km northeast from Maribor, in which Pernica lake is located.

pencil-2 pernisko

Perniško-2 pencil


2. Lenart v Slovenskih goricah

Is located in the region of Slovenske gorice (Slovenian hills), you get the beautiful view on it from the lookout tower from the town Zavrh.

Lenart Lenart

lenart-8 Lenart


3. Jurovski Dol

Is located only few 100 meters from Lenart.

Jurovski-4 Jurovski

Jurovski-1 Jurovski


4. Sveta Trojica v Slovenskih goricah

Is a small town located just a few kilometers east of Lenart and has a beautiful church at the top of the hill, just under the hill lies Gradisko lake .

Lenart-10 three-2-400kb

trio-2 trinity


5. Zavrh v Slovenskih goricah

Is located on a hill, only a few kilometres south of Lenart. In the centre of the village lies the Maister lookout tower, from which you have beautiful views on the surrounding places.

Zavrh-7 Zavrh-9

Zavrh-10 Zavrh


6. Sestrze

Lies 30 km south of Maribor and are known for the large reservoir Medvedce, better knowns as the Sestrze lake.

Tomorrow-8 sestrze-9

sestrze sestrze-2


7. Šmartno na Pohorju

Is located 30 km from Mariboron the Pohorje hills and is known for interesting church with frescoes and the small chapel next to the road.

Morning-Pohorje-to-9-signature smartno-4

Pohorje-6 smartno


8. Bojtina

Is a small village, located just a few km from Smartno towards the top of Pohorje, and it offers some breathtaking views.

Pohorje-1 bojtina-2

Pohorje-4 bojtina


9. Plač, Plač Tower

Plac lies 20 km northwest from the city of Maribor, near the border with Austria. It's surrounded by many hills, full of vineyards. Just few km outside you can find a lookout tower, which offers beautiful views of the surrounding area.

like-3 Plački-top-20

love-13 liking

10. Ruše

Is a small town at the foothills of Pohorje 11 km west from Maribor.

Russia-1 Russian-20

Russian-9 Russian

More photos from these and surrounding places can be found on my facebook page, instagram and Mateja Njivar's website .






6 comments(-) “10 places in Slovenia, for which you probably never heard of”

Peter · 17. March, 2017 at 15:31

Thank you very much :)

Boris Mitendorfer · 17. March, 2017 at 09:07

Beautiful photos! True, many of you probably don't know our ends (I'm from the city of Maribor), and it is commendable, they gather these sites into a single whole.

Draguška Rupnik · 23. February, 2017 at 13:45

Jupiiiii, beautiful. Razpošiljam around the world.

Draguška Rupnik · 23. February, 2017 at 13:44

I look forward to, so I can sent out relatives in a variety of foreign places. Thank you for all the beauty of our homeland and.

Peter · 23. February, 2017 at 11:00

Thanks Alka, go ahead and share it :)

Slavko Braci · 23. February, 2017 at 10:04

Congratulations to Izkrene, beautiful photos. With joy and pride by pogažemo in America.
LP. Slavko

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