This autumn, I set myself a goal to photograph misty mornings, as much as posibble..

In early autumn I went to the accumulation lake Požeg near Rače ponds.

Požeg Požeg-6



Morning on Pohorje hills over Slovenska Bistrica

S.Bistrica S.Bistrica-5

S.Bistrica-7 S.Bistrica-8


Rače ponds with surroundings

Racki RACK-1


Fogged in Pekrska hill near Maribor

Pekrska Pekrska-2


Komarnik lake near Lenart with surroundings

Komarnik Komarnik-1



Slovene hills

Partinje-11 Partinje-13.1

Partinje-6 Partinje-8

Partinje-4 Partinje-1


Pernisko jezero

Perniško.1 Perniško-2


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