On Monday 1.6.2015 I had plans for an evening location scouting and potencial sunset shoot. When I left home it started to drizzle but I continued with my planned route. After I arrived at the desired location, clouds started to gather and even so I found out, that the location has no potential for good sunset shot.

During the drive home, in town Selnica ob Dravi I noticed, that it must have been raining a lot. When crossing the bridge over the river Drava in Ruse, I encountered interesting surprise. Because of the hot day and the rain before, giant mist has formed over the river. Unfortunately, sunset was stil completely covered with clouds, therefore there were no colours in the sky.
When I arrived home, sunset was almost done. I incidentallyI looked out the window and noticed, that the sky started to open up, and there were some typical sunset colors showing up. Because I don't have far to the bridge, I took the gear and went back to take some photos.

Location on the bridge itself is nothing special and even in all other conditions, when there is no fog, and even if they were the pretty colors of the sky, It doesn't look appealing, in the background you see the gravel pit, that is not exactly photogenic.

But this evening fog made his magic, icing on the cake was a small boat , that I didn't noticed until, post procesing when I opened up the shadows (-). :)

Drava Drava-1


2 comments(-) “The story of spring evening”

Peter · 6. June, 2015 at 14:41

Thank you very much, Nice to read :)

Vinko Kukman · 6. June, 2015 at 12:43

Very good, It's nice to share it with us. I have to admit, I'm trying to imitate sometimes to, but they are my photos far from your.
But I'm learning to work with lee's gradient filters as directed by the, You also once published. My tribute to the, Maestro…

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