Here are my 10 tips for better, landscape photography

1. If it is possible, visit, location, before you wan't to photograph it, So. on the day you want to photograph it you will know exactly how to do it, ..

2. Help yourself with applications, that show you where and when sunrise or sunset will happen. I use:


3. At sunrise or sunset come to a location more than 1 an hour before sunrise or sunset. It can happen, that the light will be perfect much eartlier, as you'd expect.

This photo from the Plac tower was taken more than an hour before sunrise.


4. Use neutral density graduated filters to compensate for very contrasting light conditions. This will make your post procesing much easier.

No filter--------------->--------------->--------------->----------->---------->with filter


5. For creative photography you can use neutral density filters, wich extend the exposure time and can give you streaking clouds or smooth water.

Here the shutter speed was over 5 minutes.


6. Use telephoto lenses, with which you can get close-ups from the specified landscape.

Photo of Sveta Trojica was taken with telephoto lens at 300 mm


7. Playing with the depth of field – in landscape photography a general rule is, that photo must be sharp from foreground to background, But I suggest that you, play with depth of field, focus only to the foreground or background .


8. Shoot in RAW mode, because later in post procesing you will have it much easier to get the most out of your photos. Most often it is white balance , wich is almost impossible to fix if you shoot in JPG mode, in raw mode, however, this is not a problem.

JPG--------------------------->--------------------->------------------->RAW (corrected in lightroom)


9. When processing photos, where the sun is in the photo, don't overdo it by reducing bright tones (highlights), because the Sun will look like a hole in the photo.

Too much reduced highlights-Correctly reduced highlights


10. Visit the locations more then once, it will definitely pay off. At different weather conditions or time of the year you can get a surprisingly different photos, as you might expect.

Pernisko jezero, in the summer----------------->-------------------->Pernica lake, in the winter



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