I often go on sunrise photo shoots on saturday or sunday mornings. But this morning was special. Why ? You'll see at the end of this post. :)

When I woke up on sunday morning the 24.05 .15 (at 4:00am :) ), I checked the weather on my phone and decided at the last minute as usual where I will go. This morning the destination was Pernica lake. At the drive over the Malecnik hill, I encountered a plesent surprise. Fog! Probably a very rare occurance in spring at this area, at least I've never encountered it before. When I arrived at the lake, I was disappointed, the fog was too thick, because of that I couldn't see the lake or its surroundings.

The first attempt to resolve the situation, was driving up the road over the Lake in the hope, that the fog is low enough so that I'll see above it, but that wasn't the case..

If you are a good photographer, you must have a backup plan!
Because the sunrise was aproaching very quickly, I headed to the Zavrh lookout tower in Slovenian hills, where I hoped, that I will be high enough above the fog curtain to see the landscape beneath.

Even before I started to climb the tower I saw, that I'm high enough and I'll have a nice view on the landscape. The only other problem, I could encounter now would be the wind on the top of the tower, but, I got lucky and it wasn't blowing much.

Moral of the story: expect the unexpected, therefore, always have a backup plan ready. :)

As promised at the beginning. Here is the answer to the question, why was this morning so special.

One of my most beautiful photos taken at this location. :)

Sveta Trojica v Slovenskih goricah


… and Lenart in Slovenian hills with its surroundings

Zavrh-7 Zavrh-10

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