Patience and waiting in landscape photography usually pays off. Finally after four years I got lucky and my wish, photographing my hometown in almost perfect morning conditions, came true.

I photographed Ruše from this place five and four years ago, where I got this photos.

ruse-night-2-signature razgled-na-ruse-2

With years I became better photographer, and I always had in mind revisit this location and improve my previous photos.

The occurrence of dense fog over the Ruše is extremely rare and occurs once to twice a year, but it eluded me for quite some time.
Till the morning in November 2016….

Long before the sunrise

Russia-1 Russian-5

Russian-7 Russian-10

Russian-11-1 Russian-13


Dancing fog, wich was disclosing and covering parts of the city (The Former Factory Of Nitrogen Ruše)

Russian-14-3 Russian-19-1


For the end, morning panorama in first morning sunrays




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4 comments(-) “After four years...”

Peter · 30. December, 2016 at 10:11

Thanks for the compliments. Ruš images were created, If you're taking from the Ruš against the Arehu and over Šarhom you turn off the road, then you take quite a few km…. How exactly is it called and where exactly is the regret on a map, I wouldn't know how to show it, because I find it completely from the memory and if you don't know where to stop, the 100% take it too far.

Kristijan · 27. December, 2016 at 23:22

Beautiful pictures, Peter, you, I've been quite a few years. You know what I'm interested in, because I am different from the vicinity of Ruš and I was wondering the exact location of pictures, because it's really an exceptional toward Vista East. And I thought it a bit so I get there and see, Let's go to what.
Thank you and lp

Peter · 14. November, 2016 at 16:22

Thanks for the praise and comment, to me that thank you very much :)

Sasha · 13. November, 2016 at 23:21

I like to take a look at your photos, they're really unique. I believe, you were glad, When you saw that look. The fog that the photos really a special charm (even, If you're looking at from above). I was the most beautiful 4 order by year 2016.

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