It is exactly five years, since I've got my first DSLR camera, good old nikon D3100, and began my path as an amateur photographer.


This is my first photo made with it. It is my love, and also the reason, why I started shooting, Mateja ( ). :) She photographs herself for 12 years.

I tried taking pictures before, but I pretty quickly gave up. This time around, I began “the right” way. By learning, learning and learning again. I found my genre in photography, which I liked, landscapes, and start using the Internet to learn from the masters of landscape photography: David Notona, Karl Taylor, Scott Kelby and others. I've been reviewing articles, video guides, DVDs, whatever I could find about this genre of photography

In time the first results started to show , wich gave me great satisfaction and gave me the motivation to continue.

On one of my first morning photoshoots I was able to get this photo of my hometown Ruse


In the first months I visited the location, I've found around my home town.

Tomorrow-2 Color-ekspozija-3-1


“The discovery” of Pernica Lake in autumn 2012 resulted in tremendous amount of opportunities for learning and improvement. With this photo I also got my first international recognition, the cover of the UK version of the magazine N-photo.


That fall, I began to discover the beauty of the Pohorje hills with surroundings…

V-embrace-autumn-6 V-embrace-autumn-7

….and started to learn long exposure photography (Stream Lobnica, Smolnik)



In the winter of 2012 I “discovered” another breathtaking location for early-morning shooting, Šmartno na Pohorju.

Morning-Pohorje-to-9-signature Morning-to-Pohorje-7-signature


In spring 2013 I managed to do one of my most recognizable images and I dare say, also one of the most famous photos of Pernica Lake :)


Also the first signs of enthusiasm appeared, or. as Mateja would said today my “obsession” with morning mist . :) I'm realy lucky, to live in an environment, where these appear very offten.



Summer 2013 brought my first serious shooting outside my home region. Vacation on the Slovenian coast.

Pier-2 Spirit-to-pier-


I also managed to get my secret wish come true, shooting “classic” hay bales on the field. :) (the surroundings of Pragersko)



Autumn 2013 will remain in my memory as I managed to get my first successful previsualization of a photo and the start of my hunting for the morning mist.

I first visited Plač Tower in april 2013 for, pure hike pleasure, but when I took a look down picture appeard in my head. Autumn morning with mist in the valleys.


Plački-top-12 Plački-top-15


White 2013 will remain in my memory because of this morning shot near Šmartno on Pohorje


This photo is still my favorite… :)


In year 2014 I gathered courage and began to send photos to international competitions and won first prize for a photograph of swans from the Pernica Lake.



In year 2015 I first travelled abroad on two extremely beautiful and well known location.
South Moravia in the Czech Republic, where I was in the spring and late summer with Mateja. In autumn we visited Tuscany in Italy.

Moravska-23.1 Tuscany-49


And here we are in year 2016. :)

This has been my most successful year since photograph, because in addition to the smaller awards I also got the first three gold medals at international competitions for my photos.

Moravska-55.1 Lenart-10

PSA gold medal in Serbia/FIAP gold medal, United Kingdom


RPS gold medal, United Kingdom

In the spring, we revisit the South Moravian Mateja and there also met some famous Slovenian photographers. Recently we got back from our first wander around Gorenjska.

There, here are my first five years as an amateur photographer, Thank you to all, that follow me and view my photos.



3 comments(-) “After five years…”

Peter · 14. August, 2016 at 13:04

Thank you

Sasha S. · 13. August, 2016 at 22:10

Very likely to find the photos you're doing. So very nice, soft but still natural. But the work is much invested, so knowledge than finding locations and getting out of the morning. Congratulations to the!

Bojan · 11. August, 2016 at 20:25

You have learned well and fast, However, a strict mentor you have at home, quite a lot of help ( at least to me ), that I watch and enjoy your delicious dishes as well, Sometimes it seems to me, you crossed the line between beauty and the kičem

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