To advance in landscape or any other branch of photography, pre visualization of the scene may have a big role. This is in most cases acquired through experience. For this photo, that I'm going to show you, I got the idea only recently, even though I've walked passed this location and motive a lot, but I'm just didn't “saw” the photo from this location.

Things changed one march morning, when I was returning back from morning sunrise shoot and I decided to go to Maribor's district Lent.


Light this morning was wonderful and when i saw the motive picture just came in my head. Just looking on the motiv I “saw” how the same scene could look at sunset and with longer shutter speed, which would add that special feel to the photo.

I started to plan the shoot, the minute I came home. With program for monitoring sunrises and sunset times I checked, where the sun sets from this location.


I found out, that the time for taking this photo was almost ideal, because the sun was setting right behind the church.
But for this kind of photo the weather was a key factor. :)

I had a lot of luck, I managed to get the photo on the second attempt.

Aperture f/22, ISO 64, shutter speed 111 second aperture f/11, ISO 64, shutter speed 659 seconds

Lent-1 Lent-3


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