This time, nothing winter like, morning hike led me from from Ruse through Areh and towards the Mariborsko Pohorje. Just before Areh I turned to the road in the direction towards Šmartno on Pohorje and began to descend into the valley to Slovenian Bistrica.


Bojtina: at the forefront is Church of St. Ursula, On the right is Boc hill












Before Šmartno I was greeted by an idyllic landscape, which I'll visit more often.


Chapel by the road in Šmartno offers many opportunities for a good photo.






The sun began to rise, and showed right between two houses.











With a variety of layouts I “move” him in the photos……

…or hide him. :)












But morning was not over yet. When I returend home I encountered a rather blurry Ruše so, I stopped by the river Drava. The river was low, so I was able to photograph in the river bed and used the bottom of the river for compositional element.


View to the west, behind the bridge over the Drava river against Selnica ob Dravi








View to the east

2 comments(-) “Morning stroll on Pohorje hills and the Drava river”

Peter · 18. January, 2013 at 19:25

Yes this comment is nice to read thank you very much. :)

Anita · 16. January, 2013 at 23:03

I can not pass, not to write a few words. Photos of your landscapes are one of the most beautiful. Always surprise you with excellent sharpness, composition, Beautiful colors. Simple as, fresh and lived, they are truly happy. Congratulations! :smile:

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