I'm beginning the last part of this series in the Slovenian hills

Korena-okolica Pri-Voličini-1



Podova and Rače with surroundings

Podova-1.1 Rački-okolica

Rački-okolica-4 Rački-okolica-6


Pernica lake

Perniško-1 Perniško-2


I finished this years spring with beautiful sunrise on Pohorje hills

Vzhod-na-Pohorju-1 Vzhod-na-Pohorju-2-4h48m

Vzhod-na-Pohorju-8 Vzhod-na-Pohorju-7

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Photo story: Pernica lake

I first visited Pernica Lake in the fall of 2012, when I was looking for new locations to take pictures. Interesting is that, my first pictures were taken from the road above the lake. Lake later visited again Read on ....

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Summer 2014-Part 3

There was some sun this summer, so I could catch some sunsets. :) Field of sunflowers in Pesnici Sunset in the evening over a fleeting Ruse


Fresh morning around Jurovski dol

Another early morning stroll in the Slovenian hills, this time in the direction of Jurovski dol And the end itself Jurovski down at sunrise