Due to the great response to the first article 10 places in Slovenia, for which you probably never heard of, Me and my girlfriend Mateja Njivar (www.matejanjivar.com) prepared another article.

Here's another 10 places from the surroundings of Maribor, for which you probably haven't heard of. :)

1. Spodnja Voličina

Is a small village, located between Lenart and Zavrh, you have a nice view on the village from the Zavrh tower.

volicina-3 volicina-1

zavrh-5 volicina


2. Selnica ob Dravi

Is located just a few km west of the city of Maribor, on the left bank of the river Drava.

selnica selnica-1

selnica-3 selnica-0


3. Slivnica pri Mariboru

It's a small place just south of the city of Maribor, at the foothills of Pohorje.

slivnica 06-pogled-s-pohorja-na-slivnico

04-barve-soncnega-zahoda slivnica-0



4. Rače, Rače ponds

Rače has a great castle in the center of the town, on the outskirts lie Rače ponds.

01-zahod-z-labodi-ob-rackih-ribnikih jutro-2

race-0 race-1


5. Jarenina, Jareninski Dol

Is located northeast of the city of Maribor, and offers beautiful views from the surrounding hills.

jareninski-dvor-3 jareninski-dvor-5

jarenina jareninski-dvor


6. Malečnik

Is a small settlement, lying just east of the city of Maribor. From the hill above there is a great view on Maribor and Gorca hill with the church.

04-nebo-nad-malecnikom malecnik-1

malecnik-6 malecnik


7. Zgornje Prebukovje

Is a village just below Šmartno na Pohorju, along the road lie two very beautiful little chapels. You also get a great view from Pohorje hills.

1-koca-v-soncnem-vzhodu zg-prebukovje

zg-prebukovje-1 zg-prebukovje-0


8. Planica nad Framom

It's a small village on Pohorje hills with wealth of untouched nature and beautiful views of the surrounding area.

02-pohorje-planica-na-pohorju planica-3

planica-5 planica-0


9. Lovrenc na Pohorju

Is a place 30 km west of Maribor. The town has three churches.

lovrenc-1 lovrenc-2

lovrenc-3 lovrenc


10. Pragersko

It is a smaller place just south of the city of Maribor, with numerous lakes and ponds.

bale-3 labodja-druzina7

pragersko-jezero-1 pragersko

1 comments(-) “Another 10 places in Slovenia, for which you probably haven't heard of.”

Boris Mitendorfer · 17. March, 2017 at 09:06

Very nice photos of our surroundings. Many know, but rarely in such a beautiful light, as the two of them caught in the lens! I am pleased to share it with the rest of!

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