This year, my girlfrend and I desided to change our vacation spot, so insead of Portoroz we ended up in Izola.

Morning at Izola lighthouse and pier was windy and anything but friendly for shooting.

Pomol-1 Pomol-2

A few days later I tried again

Jutro-ob-obali-4 Jutro-ob-obali-2


Coastal area at lighthouse was our main stroll path, here are few evening photos from there.

Duh-na-pomolu Na-plažiValovi-1


Of course photos of lighthouse and marina can't be missing :)

Svetilnik V-marini-2


And finally, morning postcard of Izola.



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2 comments(-) “Summer in Izola”

Peter · 1. September, 2013 at 08:56

Thanks for the comment, with this I had a really lucky ja :)

miran · 31. August, 2013 at 21:04

She duhasto evening with a silhouette of the best. :)

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