I first visited Pernica Lake in the fall of 2012, when I was looking for new locations to take pictures. Interesting is that, my first pictures were taken from the road above the lake.

I visited the lake several times but “photographic” love happend when I visited it again , in summer of 2013, When this photo was taken.

Such a view of the Lake is possible only early in the morning before or just after sunrise. :)
Although this view is by far the most famous and photographed, there are many more views around the lake.

If you just turn around from this point you can see this view with the little island.

If you use a zoom lens, you can take a photo of this deserted house, which is today almost felled to the ground.

Before you turn on the road, which crosses the lake you can encounter this views…

When you visit the lake long enough even their residents start to pose for you, and explore morning and evening light with you :)

The Lake is also photogenic from the other side…

It looks good in winter too :)

Other houses around the lake can also give nice reflections and motifs.

But to me the lake is most beautifull when, mysterious mist and fog comes in . :)



2 comments(-) “Photo story: Pernica lake”

Peter · 26. July, 2017 at 17:23

Thank you, in fact, these are all captured around one of the Lakes :)

Sasha · 22. July, 2017 at 21:19

If you guessed I never would have guessed, all photos are taken in Slovenia. With, you can bet, they were taken somewhere in Tuscany, Provence … At your photos meet, Slovenia is really pretty. Your photos are unique, joy to see them.

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